Waste Diversion

A vast majority of the waste generated by USC is currently collected and disposed of by Athens Services, who brings it to their waste sorting facility and separates material intended for landfill from various types of recyclables. Although this option is preferable to landfilling everything, it requires absolutely no mental engagement in regards to waste disposal on behalf of USC students and faculty and does not achieve as high a level of recycling diversion as on-campus, user-separated recycling would. USC currently has some recycling bins around campus, however they do not have great signage and are few in number. USC Housing does currently have recycling bins in its facilities, as well as battery and ink cartridge recycling boxes in CSCs. Parkside Apartments currently has a composting program that was orchestrated by Jason and Kelly Sanders, the live in faculty there. Students have been meeting with Office of Sustainability Chair Halli Bovia and Waste and Recycling Administrator Jessica Cohen, to discuss the status of recycling bins and signage on campus.

Students are currently planning on applying for the Green Engagement Fund to install more Max-R bins installed on campus, such as the one in the THH lobby. Building Administrators need to be contacted for their placement. These bins include signage as to what goes in recycling, compost, landfill, etc. Also discussed with Halli Bovia was the possibility of the progressive removal of the Victor Stanley waste bins. Also discussed was the possibility of getting signage that says “landfill” on the waste bins. Students are currently looking at case studies of the recycling and composting programs of other universities in similar urban settings, such as UC Berkeley, UT Austin, and NYU.