Meat Reality

One of the most critical things a modern citizen can do to minimize their contribution to nearly every major environmental crisis is reduce their consumption of meat (especially beef). Unfortunately, USC dining halls, feeding thousands of students each day, fail to offer a sufficient variety of appealing vegetarian options and leave many students to fall back on unhealthy and meat-focused meals as their only option. The Environmental Core is working in conjunction with the USC Animal Rights Association to increase transparency about food sourcing, availability and quality of vegetarian options, and student awareness of the consequences of meat consumption.

We consider this campaign to work hand-in-hand with the Sustainability 2020 plan’s Sustainable Procurement goals, which are to purchase 10% of food from sustainable sources by 2017 and  20% by 2020. Additionally, this campaign works to educate students and faculty on the shocking environmental impact of the modern agriculture industry and how reducing meat and dairy consumption can significantly decrease one’s footprint.