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The Environmental Core was founded in September of 2011 originally under the moniker of the Environmental Affairs Organization. In that time, we’ve pushed for several campaigns on and around the USC campus including divestment from fossil fuel companies, removal of the Jefferson acidation site, and principally our push for solar power at USC.

We are a proud member organization of the Environmental Student Assembly and complement their efforts at fostering environmentalism within the student body by urging our school administration to take actions mirroring the values of its sustainably-minded students. We strongly believe that, as an institution of higher education and the largest private employer in Los Angeles, USC has an obligation to take on a greater responsibility in the implementation of sustainable practices.

If this mission sounds like something you value or are interested in collaborating with, please don’t hesitate to get onboard by emailing us at ecore@usc.edu! We hold our weekly meetings on Thursday nights at 7:30pm in GFS 118 and would love to see you there.

This information is up to date as of February 2016.

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